Homefront Story Trailer

December 16, 2010

By Jimmy Thang

Publisher THQ has released a single-player story trailer for Homefront, its Unreal Engine-based first-person shooter.

The trailer takes us to a fictional in-the-not-too-distant future that involves a feud between North Korea and the United States. The video begins by telling us that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il is nearing his death and that his son Kim Jon-un is poised to take over. Apparently after Jong-il’s death, Jon-un decides to invade the United States. He then appears to be ruling with an iron fist as people are seen being killed by the dozens. The trailer displays a very totalitarian “Big-brother” vibe.

In an attempt to make the game as cinematic as possible, THQ enlisted John Milius, the screenwriter of Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now, to write Homefront’s script.

In addition to story elements, the video also showcases a bevy of weapons. Everything from rocket launchers, tanks, helicopters and machine guns are shown. Whether all of these are controllable, remains to be seen.

Check out the trailer below: