Horror in Hong Kong: Halloween Comes to Triad Wars

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The free-to-play, PC-only action adventure game Triad Wars is celebrating Halloween with an awesome new challenge: Smiley Cat’s Revenge. Not only that, you can also obtain your very own in-game shirt exclusive to NVIDIA customers! It all kicks off at 12pm PST on Friday, October 23rd, and lasts until Monday, November 3rd at 12pm PST.

All of North Point—where the Triad Wars beta currently takes place—has been blanketed with eerie, Halloween-inspired effects. You’ll witness possessed pedestrians haunting the streets, ambient blue lighting turning everything a spectral shade of azure, and an ongoing night cycle complete with thick, ominous fog. But all of that is just the beginning. With the moody, terrifying atmosphere enveloping Hong Kong, you can jump directly into Enforcer Kill Weekend by tackling Smiley Cat’s Revenge.

So who exactly is Smiley Cat, and why is he deserving of your vengeance? Well, he was originally called Big Scar Wu, and he was a rather brutal gangster, even by North Point standards. Because of his savage efficiency and his quick rise to the top of the food chain, his rivals decided to put him down for good by stabbing him no less than 42 times. To add to the humiliation, the rivals inserted his perforated corpse in the Smiley Cat food-grinder (hence his posthumously awarded nickname of Smiley Cat). But not even death was enough to dissuade Smiley Cat, and he’s back from the underworld to try and take back his territory. It’s up to you to raid his turf and kill him enough times to send his spirit packing, thus prevent him from interfering with your grand schemes for total control of Hong Kong.

Of course, the rewards for re-murdering an undead gangster are certainly worth the effort; Tier #1 forks over Money, Tier #2 grants extra Face, and Tier #3 results in an Epic Mask! And if you’re going to brave the ghostly streets of North Point, you might as well do it in style. What better way to do that than by donning an exclusive NVIDIA in-game shirt? Getting it is simple: take a quick stroll over to the redemption page and click on the “Get the exclusive T-shirt now” button. On the next screen, enter your date of birth, name, and email address. After that, you’ll get a message emailed back to you with the dev code, as well as instructions directing you to the Triad Wars website. Once there, go ahead and sign up for your free Square Enix account, downloading the game client after. After you’ve got Triad Wars installed and launched, make your way through the tutorial. Then, click on the main menu screen’s Store button, and click on Redeem Code, entering your key in the field. That’s all there is to it! The sweet NVIDIA shirt will now be available in your Outfit menu, ready for showing off.

United Front Games Interview

We reached out to the Triad Wars developers for some behind-the-scenes details. Check out the questions and answers below!

NVIDIA: What was the inspiration for Big Scar Wu's character and awesomely violent demise?

UFG: Big Scar Wu, or Smiley Cat, was inspired by the lucky cats that are present in much of Chinese culture. A notorious, vicious, and uncontrollable gangster in life, Wu was forcibly fed into a grinder at the Smiley Cat cat food factory as a lesson to other upstart gangsters. Once in the underworld, he was viciously mocked and swore revenge on the world above. How cool is that?

NVIDIA: Triad Wars is currently PC-only, utilizing some pretty amazing tech. How do you view the PC as a gaming platform these days? What factors led you to develop the beta solely for the PC?

UFG: The PC is an incredibly vibrant and powerful gaming platform, and gets stronger every year. Our primary reason for bringing [Triad Wars] to PC was that we are able to truly run a “live” game, updating and responding to players and constantly tweaking and tuning the content. Consoles are getting there, but [the] PC provides flexibility you just can’t get anywhere else right now.

NVIDIA: Can players look forward to more holiday-themed events and challenges in the future? if so, any hints on what's to come?

UFG: Absolutely, we have plans to fold holiday-themed events into the game—that is part of our philosophy of keeping the game fresh and exciting for players. We have some awesome things planned for the holiday season, so stay tuned!

NVIDIA: North Point is incredibly detailed and vibrant. Was it important to make Triad Wars' Hong Kong resemble the real-life Hong Kong? Or was it more critical to mold the in-game city into a certain style?

UFG: It has always been very, very important to keep true to the spirit and look of Hong Kong. At UFG we take this very seriously, and want to deliver an experience that feels authentic, while still being over-the-top and crazy.

NVIDIA: In a no-holds-barred cage match, who would win: the cast of John Woo's Hard Boiled, or the entire staff of United Front Games?

UFG: While we do have some amazing martial artists and athletes at UFG, I’m pretty sure Chow Yun Fat alone could slow-mo dive us all into oblivion. Plus, I think we have some staff with dove allergies, so it’s really no contest.


Playing the Triad Wars beta along with the Smiley Cat’s Revenge challenge is a fantastic way to get into the Halloween mood. And with your exclusive in-game NVIDIA shirt, you’re sure to garner the admiration and jealousy of all your rivals. On top of all that, every bit of your progress and experience will carry over into the full version of Triad Wars after it leaves beta, thanks to the commitment of the developers in keeping the game as friendly and balanced to players as possible.

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