Imaginative Child of Light Shines on PC

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Music and art direction are important components of most video games. It is rare, however, that they compliment the gameplay experience and narrative as well as they do in Ubisoft’s Child of Light.

In Child of Light, players are cast as Aurora, the young daughter of an Austrian duke in a fantastical depiction of 1895. At the beginning of the game, Aurora falls to a mysterious illness and soon awakens to find herself in the strange dreamlike world of Lemuria where magic and monsters are real.

Everything in Child of Light, from its storybook style narrative structure and to its haunting musical score, creates the sense that you’re playing through a fairytale. Unlike some children’s stories, the world in Child of Light is inhabited by some truly sinister creatures that want Aurora dead. She must face these foes in battle with the aid of an ethereal being known as Igniculus. A second player can also take control of Igniculus to slow down enemy aggressors and heal Aurora.

The gameplay unfolds as a side-scrolling-style adventure with role-playing elements woven into the experience. Encountering enemies shift’s your perspective to a turn-based RPG combat view where you must time your attacks and defenses carefully and use Igniculus in order to survive.

Additional RPG features include building up Aurora’s abilities in a skill tree with the experience points you gain from battles. While the core experience focuses on role-playing and platforming, there are a number of puzzles sprinkled throughout the game as well.

The real star of Child of Light is its art direction. Created with Ubisoft’s in-house UbiArt Framework graphics engine, the visuals create the illusion that you’re playing a living, breathing watercolor painting. The gorgeous art style, along with the enchanting score composed by Canadian musician Cœur de pirate, completes the game’s fairytale theme.

Child of Light is now available to download on PC for $14.99. If you’re unsure whether or not you want to purchase the full game, there is a free playable demo for you to try out, too.