Watch 8 Teams Create Incredible Custom PCs In Just 24 Hours: Part 1 of 3

GeForce Garage, Videos

Earlier this year, chassis manufacturer In Win celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary by inviting 16 internationally-renowned PC modders to compete in a three-day competition called Mod In Taiwan.

Sponsored by GeForce Garage and a host of hardware manufacturers, the competition called upon the modders, working in teams of two, to create unique PC builds themed around “Medieval”, “Military”, or “Spaceship”. Each day the eight teams had 8 hours to craft their systems, using the vast array of tools and manufacturing machinery on-hand in In Win’s vast complex.

At stake were prizes worth over $20,000 USD, so each team pulled out all the stops, mustering their decades-worth of experience to make the best possible systems in just 24 hours. Throughout the journey we were on-site, capturing every moment of the multinational event.

Come back this-time tomorrow for part 2, and then again the day after for part 3, where the winners were crowned.