An Interview With Four Time Champion IM.Mvp


We recently had the chance to ask professional StarCraft II Terran player Jeong Jong Hyeon of Incredidble Miracle (IM)—most commonly known as IM.Mvp—a few questions before his GSL Season 4 code S finals match-up against the Zerg player Life (IM.Mvp would eventually lose 4-3). Read what the four-time GSL champion had to say about life in the IM house, hours of practice and plans after SCII. Congratulations on making it to the finals, again. Some say you are the best player in the world. How do you stay motivated when you have achieved such greatness?

IMMvp: Despite all that, I still feel lacking in practice so I constantly push myself harder to practice and to improve my skills more and more. I’d still like to make a greater effort in expanding my skillset.

GF: You often give a big smile at the end of a game, especially when you win. What are you thinking in that moment?

MVP: Initially I’m just glad for my victory because I feel the validation of all my practice and efforts at that very moment. Words can’t express how happy I am when I win.

GF: What changes would you like to see to make eSports bigger and better?

MVP: More competitions and events for the fans is the most important things for the revitalization of eSports. Especially for the many fans around the world, I think we need more game demonstrations at a variety of different events.

GF: There has been recent news about you suffering from a wrist injury. Tell us about it.

MVP: Due to the large amount of global matches, I actually haven’t had enough time to get treatment. When my schedule clears up, I’ll focus on getting treatment.

GF: Is it affecting your play? How many hours a day do you actually end up practicing at the IM house?

MVP: The required time period is eight hours a day, and the rest of the day is flexible. When there’s an upcoming big match, I practice more. But when there are no scheduled matches, I practice less to preseve my wrists.


GF: And how do you like living in the IM house?

MVP: I’m very satisfied with staying at the team house. The meals are delicious and everyday life with my teammates is fun. Overall, I’m content there except when I lose sleep because of one my teammate’s snoring.

GF: Who is your favorite SCII player? Don’t be afraid to say yourself.

MVP:That’s a difficult question to answer, but I’m a fan of my teammate Jaeduck Lim aka NesTea.

GF: Any player you dislike playing?

MVP:Another tough question to answer because I’ve never thought about having a least favorite player.

GF: What about race then. How do you feel about the current Code S season and all of the excellent Zerg players?

MVP: Zerg players are improving day by day. Indeed, it has gotten a lot harder to defeat high ranking Zerg players more than ever. Personally, in order for me to be successful I hope that they don’t improve by too much!

GF: How do you prepare to adapt to these new styles?

MVP: I discuss a new game style with my fellow IM Terran players to define where my weakness lies and what correction to make. I also try to practice a variety of different ways and to vary my gaming style.

GF: What do you do when you are not traveling or playing StarCraft?

MVP: Rest… I try to get some good rest. In my free time, not only do I enjoy League of Legends and World of Warcraft but I also play a variety of other video games with my teammates. I also like to relax by watching movies or listening to music.

GF: Who are you listening to right now?

MVP: The Korean singer Ha Yun.

GF: So… what is your favorite graphics company?

MVP: Obviously NVIDIA GeForce!!


GF: When you retire to your massive mansion from all of your winning money can we come party with you?

MVP: Sure. In fact, I’d like to party with you guys even before I retire!


StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is set to be released March 12, 2013.