Introducing The New GeForce 700M Series GPUs


NVIDIA mobile GPU technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past two years. In 2011, we introduced the world to high-performance GTX 500M GPUs capable of playing the latest games at max quality, and in 2012 we launched the 600M range, which revolutionized power efficiency and performance.

Today, we’re unveiling the first GPUs in our new 700M family. Like every new family of GeForce GPUs, you can expect even more performance compared to our last generation. This year, however, we are bringing more than just performance for your notebook. Unlike any GPU ever created, we’re making it easier to get at all that great performance by bringing it all to you automatically. Gone are the days of messing with control panels or game settings to balance performance, quality, and battery life. Our new family of GPUs combines GPU Boost 2.0, the GeForce Experience, and NVIDIA Optimus technology seamlessly so you can dive right in and your games the way they were meant to be played.

Kepler, Optimus, And GPU Boost 2.0: Maximizing Performance & Efficiency

In the realm of desktop computers, our latest GTX 600 Series GPUs have won universal acclaim for their efficiency and performance thanks to the introduction of a new design architecture called “Kepler”. This revolutionary new design has dramatically reduced power consumption whilst simultaneously increasing performance, to the extent that the mid-range GeForce GTX 660 performs almost identically in games to the previous-generation flagship GPU, the GeForce GTX 580.

On desktops, improved power efficiency, reduced heat output, and better acoustic performance are nice bonuses on top of class-leading pixel pushing prowess, but in notebook land they’re vital. Improved power efficiency increases battery life, reduced heat output enables the use of smaller, lighter chassis that are cooler to the touch, and better acoustic performance means less fan whirring, which makes notebook use far more pleasant.

Our Kepler architecture is featured predominately throughout the 700M GPU uses this, significantly increasing performance compared to 600M “Fermi” GPUs and Integrated Graphics Processors:

At Medium detail levels the 700M Kepler GPUs accelerate notebook performance greatly, resulting in up to 90 frames per second in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, 65 frames per second in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, 66 frames per second in Batman: Arkham City, 48 frames per second in Battlefield 3, and 64 frames per second in Shogun 2: Total War. In comparison, Integrated Graphics Processors struggle to break into the double digits; a completely unplayable experience.

Helping our new 700M chips reach such lofty levels of performance is GPU Boost 2.0, a GPU innovation that extracts every ounce of available computing power from the graphics processor. Before GPU Boost, GPUs were held back by synthetic benchmarks that pushed chips and power usage to the limit, far beyond the levels typically seen when playing games. This ‘worst case scenario’ forced us to throttle GPUs, leaving spare performance on the table when playing games.

GPU Boost resolves this problem by monitoring power usage and temperatures, enabling the GPU to use every last ounce of performance without exceeding safety or comfort limits.

On the GT 745M, GPU Boost increased frame rates by 14% in Assassin’s Creed III, 15% in Borderlands 2, 13% in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, 10% in DOTA 2, and 13% in Far Cry 3.

When a system isn’t gaming or using a GPU-accelerated application, Optimus kicks in, automatically switching the display to the low-power Integrated Graphics Processor. For example, if you're browsing Facebook the NVIDIA GPU will be disabled, but once you start working with graphics intensive apps like Photoshop, Optimus will enable the GPU to make use of GPU computation power, ensuring fast and smooth editing. Similarly, if you're bored of responding to emails and crave some World of Tanks, the GPU will kick into high-gear and give you a level of performance that the Integrated Graphics Processor simply cannot match. This automatic switching maximizes battery life when away from the wall, and minimizes power usage when plugged in.

Combined, Optimus, GPU Boost, and Kepler maximize system efficiency and give notebook users the optimum level of performance at all times, automatically.

GeForce Experience: Optimizing Your Game Experience With A Single Click

The new 700M GPUs we’re announcing today are extremely powerful for their class and price point, but they are not hard hitting GeForce GTX GPUs capable of enabling every single setting in every game. Notebook gamers therefore ask themselves, “How do I retain a smooth framerate whilst making the game look good?”

With so many options in games these days it isn’t easy, even if do you know the difference between SSAO, HDAO, and HBAO. How do you determine which setting runs best in that particular game with the latest drivers? The unfortunate answer is ‘you don’t’. It’s simply impossible. There are too many variables.

Enter GeForce Experience. Using dozens of supercomputers and five years of research and development, GeForce Experience processes every graphics setting combination and determines which settings maximize your image quality whilst retaining a smooth, playable framerate with the hardware and software present in your system.

Our interactive comparison shows how GeForce Experience can optimize and enhance your game experience with one click.

GeForce Experience is constantly getting better, and the latest version adds new features and support for the latest games, like BioShock Infinite, Resident Evil 6, SimCity, and Tomb Raider. Each of the 700M GPUs are supported, and as new games are released we aim to have support ready and waiting, letting you enjoy the latest titles with optimum settings straight out of the box. All you need do is click our ‘Optimize’ button and the game is automatically configured.

GeForce Experience will also notify you of new driver releases, enabling you to boost game performance and get your system ready for new releases with our Game Ready GeForce drivers that are launched day-and-date alongside those for desktop GPUs. Again, with a single click GeForce does it all, automatically.

GeForce GT 700M: Performance & Efficiency, Brought To You Automatically

GeForce 500M and 600M were each class leaders, introducing sizeable performance gains, new features, and increased efficiency. 700M is poised to continue this trend, but instead of delivering just raw performance, NVIDIA is delivering a solution that makes your notebook more powerful, easier to use, and more fun. By automatically giving you boosted performance, optimized gaming, and long battery life, you’ll discover that GeForce notebooks are the best notebooks you’ll ever own.

Brian Choi is NVIDIA's Product Marketing Manager for GeForce notebooks. He loves first-person shooters and believes that Left 4 Dead 2 is the best zombie game ever created.