Killing Floor 2: Tripwire Interactive Discusses PhysX Flex's Groundbreaking GameWorks Gore

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Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 is a Steam Early Access smash hit, following up on the success of the original Killing Floor and other Tripwire titles. In the not too distant future the ever-busy studio will release a large content update for the title, which barring any delays will also include the NVIDIA PhysX Flex effects we revealed last month. To talk about these further, and to discuss other Tripwire projects, we sat down with Alan Wilson, Tripwire’s Vice President, and David Hensely, Tripwire’s Art Director:

As you’ve just heard, NVIDIA GameWorks’ PhysX Flex technology adds deliciously chunky gibs and blood to Killing Floor 2’s line-up of creepy creatures, all controlled by powerful GPU technology that provides unparalleled realism and interactivity. To learn much more, check out our previous story, Killing Floor 2 Gore Goes Next-Gen With NVIDIA GameWorks’ PhysX Flex.

NVIDIA GameWorks HBAO+ is discussed in our interview, too, though that is already available, having been in the game since its launch on Steam Early Access several months ago. For more on that, check out our preview of Work In Progress Killing Floor 2 game technology from last year, entitled Killing Floor 2: Graphics Technology & First GameWorks Features Unveiled.

Killing Floor 2 - NVIDIA HBAO+ Interactive Comparison #1
Click to load interactive HBAO+ comparison

Capping off the interview, we also touched upon Killing Floor Calamity, a top-down spin-off for SHIELD devices that should be available soon, and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed realistic World War II war game, Rising Storm.

For more on Killing Floor 2's tech stay tuned to For info on Tripwire Interactive's games, keep an eye on their news feed.