Lords of the Fallen: Check Out The Action RPG’s Advanced PhysX Effects

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Lords of the Fallen launches today, and within you’ll find extensive use of NVIDIA GameWorks PhysX effects, which increase realism, immersion and graphical fidelity in the anticipated action RPG.

Created with PhysX 3.3, these GameWorks effects are fast and efficient, to the extent that several can be run on the CPU, and even on current-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4. Each was developed using our APEX SDK, enabling artists to quickly and easily integrate effects game-wide, giving Deck13’s developers more time to focus on game systems and general graphics.

On PC, you’ll see more particles, more cloth with more realistic movement, and more destruction that persists on-screen for longer. You'll also find a dedicated GPU PhysX setting, which enables the rendering of PC-exclusive Turbulence effects that manipulate PhysX particles, moving them realistically around characters and objects, like the particles around the sword at 01:01 in the video above.

In addition to PhysX, Lords of the Fallen makes full use of GeForce Experience, DSR, SLI, ShadowPlay, and GameStream, enabling you to optimize settings, increase image quality, increase frame rates, capture and stream gameplay footage, and stream the game itself to NVIDIA SHIELD devices. To enhance your experience with these technologies simply install the Lords of the Fallen GeForce Game Ready Driver and the latest version of GeForce Experience, which is included in the driver download.