Mass Effect 3 Will "Tug Your Heartstrings"

August 29, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Mass Effect 3 will be Shepard’s final mission. That’s the news from BioWare, confirming their original statement all those years ago that Shepard’s story would be limited to three games. Don’t worry though; Mass Effect 3 won’t be the final Mass Effect game, just the last with Shepard in the starring role.

Rather than take the focus away from the upcoming third game, despite the aforementioned news, BioWare’s David Silverman, formerly of Command & Conquer fame, spoke of Mass Effect 3’s emotional intensity in his PAX Prime 2011 video interview with NVIDIA’s Kris Rey.

“We pride ourselves on [our storytelling], and with Mass Effect 3 we want to take that to the next level by adding on a layer of emotional sense, we really want to tug at your heartstrings a bit. We want to give you that emotional and personal experience.”

“What happens when you’re the captain of a starship trying to save the universe and your own homeworld has been taken,” asks Silverman. “It adds a whole new layer of pressure to the character and you’ll get to see how that plays out in your interaction with other characters, interactions with yourself, and the choices that you make and the level of depth in those choices and how the stakes are much higher.”

You’ll get the chance to make those decisions next March, and once more your Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 save games will roll over into Mass Effect 3, changing how the game plays out based on your prior actions, so back them up and keep them in a safe place!