Max Payne 3 PC Screenshots Reveal "Gloriously Increased Graphics Detail"

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February 28th, 2012

By Andrew Burnes

The combination of advanced technology, innovative animation systems, high-class storytelling, and slow motion shooting has resulted in Max Payne 3 becoming one of our most anticipated 2012 titles, and that’s based solely on the release of super impressive footage from the console versions.

Now, Rockstar Games has unveiled the PC edition by way of three high resolution screenshots, each highlighting the PC version's “gloriously increased graphics detail.”

Muzzle flash as Max dual-wields a silenced PT92 and Micro 9mm.

Max prepares to enter the favelas.

Max in a tense showdown with a member of a shadowy paramilitary group known as the Crachá Preto.

Rockstar promises more PC-centric information in the run up to Max Payne 3’s May 29th release, including word on its “special graphics hardware enhancements.” For now, check out the latest game video, this one focusing on one of Max’s many weapons: