GeForce GTX 900 Series GPUs Amaze Thai Gamers


Five enthusiast gamers in Thailand are among the happiest people in the world, having won GeForce GTX 900 series graphics cards at Gamer Celebrity Night 2014 on October 24th. Powered by the advanced Maxwell architecture, the new cards deliver top performance, fantastic power efficiency and a host of cutting-edge features to the proud new owners.

Some 100 of Thailand’s top gamers and enthusiasts joined NVIDIA and our partners at Swissotel Le Concorde, Bangkok for a night of celebration. The event was all about speed and power, filled with loads of graphics magic, and backed by a massive dose of music from top DJs in the country.

NVIDIA partners ASUS, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Inno3D, and MSI showcased their latest GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 offerings.

The audience was treated to demos highlighting the latest cards’ exciting capabilities including Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing (MFAA), Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR), Voxel Global Illumination (VXGI), GeForce Experience, NVIDIA GameStream, and NVIDIA G-SYNC technologies.

The audience also saw the debut of SHIELD tablet in Thailand, which gave them the opportunity to record and stream their gameplay experiences to share with their friends.

Throughout the night you constantly heard "wow" as gamers experienced the Oculus Rift for the very first time, with some saying that "it's the future of gaming". When played on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 Series systems, NVIDIA's VR optimizations increase the immersiveness of VR by drastically reducing latency, helping you avoid headaches, dizziness and other downsides of previous VR solutions.

The eye-candy and entertainment certainly made the night a magical one for the assembled gamers and enthusiasts, and left them hungry for more, with many wanting to get their hands on the new GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 GPUs so they can enjoy their power and features on a daily basis from the comfort of home. For the five who took home cards that night, the magic’s just begun.