Red Bull Battle Grounds Champion, Bomber, Powered By Maxwell GPUs

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On Thursday, September 18th, 2014, NVIDIA revealed the GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970, the world’s most powerful and efficient GPUs. This balance of power, speed and performance guarantees gamers with Maxwell GPUs with the ultimate gaming experience. For professional gamers and eSports players, that experience consists of zero latency and input lag, and in a game like StarCraft II, one of the most demanding titles in competitive gaming, every millisecond counts.

It’s for these reasons that Red Bull selected the GeForce GTX 980 graphics card to power their StarCraft 2 Battle Grounds Grand Finals in Washington DC. Maxwell GPUs ensured the competing APM micro monsters had the fastest, smoothest, most responsive experience possible, setting the stage for a true battle of the world’s greatest StarCraft II athletes.

The final event in a five-month, six-tournament world series, the Battle Grounds Grand Finals saw the world’s best eSports players compete for their share of a $50,000 prize pool in StarCraft II. Among the contenders were last year’s Grand Final’s champion PartinG, Scarlett, Polt, sOs and of course Bomber.

After a weekend of incredible competition that saw some stunning plays and turnarounds, 26 year-old StarCraft II legend, Choi "Bomber" Ji Sung, dispatched rival Cure 4-0 in a surprisingly one-sided Terran-mirror final. Speaking to NVIDIA immediately after winning the grand finals, Bomber had this to say when asked about his experience of playing on the Maxwell-equipped Falcon Northwest GeForce GTX Tiki PC:

"I actually didn't know it [the GPU] was a new model, it just felt much smoother and more fluid and I was like, “I don't [know] what's going on? I don't know if I'm just playing well or what's going on” -- now that you tell me, I now know it was the new graphics card."

To catch up on the action and learn who fell by the wayside in the conclusion to Red Bull’s epic tournament, check out a recording of the action directly below.

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