Men Of War: Assault Squad Demo Released

February 16, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Sequel to the critically acclaimed real-time strategy game Men Of War, Men Of War: Assault Squad introduces a new co-operative multiplayer game mode allowing friends to tackle a variety of game missions together, sharing units and coordinating tactics. With Commonwealth, German, Japanese, Russian and U.S. forces, Assault Squad is developer 1C Company’s most realistic World War II strategy game yet, but also their most accessible - learning from past mistakes 1C has toned down the game’s oft-criticised complexity without eliminating strategic possibilities. Direct Control is once again included, allowing players to control every action of every unit on the battlefield, right down to controlling their movement with WASD.

Technically, Assault Squad is the most advanced game in 1C’s history, boasting full-destructibility of every in-game object, an advanced physics system ensuring that bullets, shells and rockets travel realistically, and improved visuals featuring more graphical effects then some first-person shooters.

Weighing in at 1.12GB, today’s demo includes two skirmish missions with four levels of difficulty. To play said demo extract the .zip archive, and then run the installer .exe from inside the newly-created folder.