Metro: Last Light Live-Action Short Film Arrives

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Metro 2033 continues to be one of the most graphically advanced games ever released, using every effect possible to bring its bleak, post-apocalyptic world to life. These spectacular effects demand every ounce of GPU horsepower, taxing video cards to this day, making Metro 2033 a key benchmark title.

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Graphics aside, Metro 2033 was a great game, going on to sell over a million copies. This success guaranteed a sequel, and in 2013 it will arrive. Called Metro: Last Light, the sequel is set in 2034 and sees the human factions fighting for a super weapon buried beneath the rubble of Moscow. New mutant enemies await the humans on the surface, and with resources running low the conflict between the clans continues to escalate; the terrible situation humanity finds itself in is about to get even worse.

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To bridge the gap until the game's release, THQ and 4A Games have released a live-action short film that's well worth watching, even if you're yet to become a Metro fan:

Click to watch the Metro: Last Light live action short film.

Last August I spoke to a 4A Games representative at the GamesCom trade show in Germany, and though the game was only pre-alpha at that point, the rep was able to confirm the inclusion of DirectX 11 effects, tessellation, stereoscopic NVIDIA 3D Vision support, advanced depth of field effects, dynamic physics effects powered by NVIDIA PhysX, advanced volumetric fog, and advanced simulated particle effects.

We also discussed single-player action, multiplayer, and building upon the best bits of the original, so head here and check it out.