Announcing Mod24, The World’s First 24-Hour Livestreamed Modding Competition. 6PM PDT, September 18th. Be There.

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On September 18th we’re kicking-off an unprecedented, worldwide 24-hour celebration of PC gaming, and we’ll be streaming the event live in its entirety. Dubbed GAME24, this international event will encompass all aspects of PC gaming and hardware, and will feature exclusive announcements, reveals, giveaways, eSports tournaments, and much, much more.

Within the world of hardware, modding is a vital and popular activity, marrying creativity, customization, overclocking, and innovative ideas that can influence the mainstream. To honor the importance of modding to PC culture we have dedicated one channel of GAME24 to Mod24, the world’s first 24-hour livestreamed system building and modding competition, in which teams will compete by building one-of-a-kind, high powered gaming PCs.

A custom wall PC created for Maker Faire 2014 by the members of Team Kill Ninja. Maybe the rig they build that you could possibly win will look like this?

Held at NVIDIA HQ in sunny Santa Clara, California, Mod24 will see three teams of two compete over the course of 24 hours to build the most impressive GeForce GTX gaming PC, with the champions being crowned by a panel of industry experts and celebrity judges.

The champion builders will win a mountain of hardware and other prizes, but the real winners will be three lucky stream viewers, who will win the custom builds designed by the pro modders. For a chance to win these truly one-of-a-kind systems, all you have to do is stay tuned to the livestream for the details.

Hosting Mod24 will be Linus and Luke of LinusTechTips, and competing for the modding crown will be Lee Harrington and Ron Lee Christianson representing Team Mongoose, Bob Stewart and Rod Rosenberg from BSMODS, and Team Kill Ninja featuring Rich Surroz and Travis Jank.

Mod24 will be featured on a separate channel within the main Game24 livestream. To follow the action and ensure your chance to win one of these ultra-desirable custom rigs, visit the GAME24 website and register to save the date. The live competition begins at 6PM PDT on September 18th.

Make no mistake; this is the gaming event you don’t want to miss.