Morrowind 2011 Mod Released

January 3, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

Morrowind 2011 Mod Compendium has launched. The compendium is a compilation of mods tweaked by The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind fan Tyler Smith. Morrowind 2011 updates Bethesda's 2002 role-playing game with drastic improvements in the graphics department.

The video below showcases the game's much improved lighting, forest/fauna, water effects, and overall environments.

While the original RPG is roughly nine years old, Smith warns that the mod is quite hardware intensive. He urges players to download the latest NVIDIA drivers, which can be found here.

In addition, setup for the mod is extensive. Detailed installation instructions can be found on the mod's official wordpress site.

Morrowind 2011 is roughly four GB in size and Smith is currently suggesting users download the update through this torrent link.