Need For Speed PC Launches March 15th

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Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have announced that Need For Speed will launch on PC on March 15th. There'll be support for resolutions up to and including 4K, an unlocked framerate, support for steering wheels, and a bunch of other tweaks that'll enhance Need For Speed's racing on PC. Learn more in the PC announcement trailer below.

In addition to the above, the Icons and Legends updates will be included at launch, with the Showcase update following shortly thereafter, adding new features and gameplay options for players.

Need For Speed Exclusive PC Screenshot

If you simply can't wait until March 15th to play Need For Speed on PC you can gain early access by becoming an Origin Access member, which gives you time-limited trials of upcoming games in advance of their release, and unlimited access to a large back catalog of other EA titles.

Need For Speed Exclusive PC Screenshot

For further details on supported wheels, as well as news of a Manual Transmission gameplay option, make sure to read EA's Need For Speed PC announcement. And for news of system requirements stay tuned to