Neverwinter’s Whispering Caverns Exclusive Trailer


The Whispering Caverns is the highest-level adventure zone planned for Neverwinter’s launch, with many monsters at the level cap of 60. The zone is situated in the Underdark, so players will go from rough-hewn caves to giant underground cities to strange alien environments.

This is the first zone where players encounter the mind flayers, and the Neverwinter art team wanted to showcase the horror that’s made them iconic Dungeons & Dragons monsters. Their region of the Whispering Caverns is dominated by bismuth, a real-world crystal that grows in stair-step structures. Like the mind flayers themselves, the bismuth growing from cave walls is perfectly natural – but also horrifyingly alien.

Facing the drow priestesses and the horrors of the mind flayers in the Whispering Caverns will put heroes to the test – will you answer the call to adventure? Watch the exclusive trailer below.