Shogun 2: Total War Trailer Cinematic Intro Trailer

February 10, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

With the launch of Shogun 2: Total War just five weeks away, Creative Assembly and Sega have released the game’s introductory CG movie, setting the scene for the epic battles that players will control. Initially showing two large armies squaring off, the eponymous Shogun instead decides that matters should be handled one-on-one, stepping out into the open terrain for a duel with the opposing leader.

Furthermore, developer Creative Assembly has been dropping a few hints the RTS, stating that Shogun 2 will be their most advanced game yet, supporting six-core CPUs and making heavy use of tessellation, suggesting the need for a high-end PC to play with all graphical options enabled. Be assured that we’ll post the specifications needed as soon as they are available, but until then, sit back and enjoy the CG trailer.