COMPUTEX 2011: NVIDIA Announces $99 Wired 3D Vision Glasses

May 30, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

At the Taipei International Information Technology Show, more commonly known as COMPUTEX, NVIDIA will display a brand new 3D Vision product – 3D Vision wired active shutter glasses. Priced at $99, $50 less than the wireless model, the wired glasses feature a new NVIDIA claw design, and as the glasses are wired the dedicated infra-red receiver is also no longer required, with users connecting the glasses directly to a standard USB 2.0 port on their PC.

For home users, the wired glasses offer a more affordable entry path to 3D gaming, and are an excellent option for those looking to buy a second or third pair of glasses for friends and family wanting to watch 3D movies or content in a big-screen setting. And with regards to content, NVIDIA and YouTube have announced that 3D videos on the world’s most popular video-sharing website are now viewable in stereoscopic 3D Vision on a PC, or on a 3D TV via NVIDIA’s 3DTV Play software. There are only around 6,000 at this time, but as the cost of 3D video cameras and equipment continues to drop there are sure to be more and more.

The wired glasses also allow LAN events and gaming centers to offer customers and players 3D Vision experiences thanks to the inclusion of a Kensington lock, ensuring their glasses aren’t swiftly pocketed by unscrupulous fellows with nimble fingers. The move to a wired system also negates the need to ever recharge the glasses, allowing income per hour to be maximized.

The wired 3D Vision glasses will be available late June direct from NVIDIA’s online store, and via all good stockists.