NVIDIA Presents The Duke Nukem Forever PC Mod - Page Two

June 11, 2011

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Once the guts of the rig were installed we immediately assembled all the pods onto the polished metal hub with excitement. None of us were prepared to see the glowing and mirrored monolith of a computer we had just created. Sitting on a table the rig stood over six feet in height - every NVIDIAN that walked into the lab gasped in amazement.

Assembling the pods.

Behold the beautiful Duke monolith!

And now with lighting, some time later.

For the next two days we plumbed the water-cooling system and hand-made the PSU wires to the exact length needed using a large spool of UV green 18 gauge wire - good thing we keep our crimp hands strong as we needed a lot of cables.

Crimping is a tedious, time-consuming process.

Silverstone 1500 watt PSU, custom cables, and dual pumps.

Duke Nukem Forever Mod – Project: Hail to the King, running cloned ASUS 3D Vision monitors.

Additionally, Fletcher and I did some pretty cool on-site customizations such as heat-bending a custom SSD mount and GPU retention bracket. We also installed some red LEDS behind the active mini-gun barrel to simulate muzzle flash.

Custom SSD mount and GPU bracket. Crucial Ballisitx Smart Tracer and RAM fan providing a radioactive glow!

Four days of blood, sweat, and tears produced a truly epic rig, and if you’re lucky enough to be attending the Duke Nukem Forever launch party you too will be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the build!

Thanks to everyone involved, it has been an epic project!

The completed machine ready to wow attendees at the launch party.