NVIDIA SHIELD Is Ready To Play TV. Available Now For $199


In recent years multimedia consumption and delivery has changed considerably. Before, we were locked to rigid TV schedules and limited-time showings in cinemas. Now, we watch whatever, whenever, wherever we want. But as these revolutionary changes have occurred TV networks and channels have been slow to adapt, forcing vast numbers online for on-demand access, cross-platform viewing, offline archives, and ultra high-quality 4K streams.

Many devices have attempted to make the acquisition, storage and playback of this content seamless and fuss-free, but to date none have offered the features and flexibility that consumers demand. That changes today with the launch of SHIELD. Built on Android TV and powered by Tegra X1, it is the most powerful smart TV platform ever built.

Whether you want to stream Netflix’s hit TV shows and movies in 4K with surround sound, watch 4K YouTube videos, watch next-gen 10-bit color video, stream your library of movies with Plex, cord cut with live Sling TV, use Google Cast to mirror your mobile device onto your TV, or play PC-quality games, SHIELD can do it all, and much more.

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Over 500 apps and games already supported on SHIELD Android TV, including app favorites like Netflix, YouTube, HBO NOW, HULU Plus, Sling TV, Google Play Movies, Fox Sports Go, Crackle, PLEX, CinemaNow, Pandora, VEVO, HGTV Watch, PBS Kids, Food Network, Travel Channel, NBA Gametime, MLB.TV, and Red Bull TV. More apps are added every week, and at this week’s Google I/O conference a new wave of apps were announced. With so many to choose from, it’s a safe bet that what you want can be found with ease on SHIELD.

Powered by Tegra X1, our latest and most advanced mobile processor, SHIELD is up to thirty times faster than competing multimedia devices, enabling it to process video and load apps in an instant, transition from menu to menu without delay, and stream 4K Ultra HD content with ease.

Navigation of menus is a breeze with the included SHIELD Controller, which features responsive physical controls and Google’s Voice Search. The optional SHIELD Remote is also available, offering the same search and navigation functionality as SHIELD Controller, albeit in a familiar media remote form factor.

Accompanying Google’s excellent Voice Search is the eponymous Android TV OS, which includes Google Now made for TV, personalized recommendations, Google’s many apps, the Play Store, and all the other enhancements that make Android TV the platform of choice for multimedia. Best of all, you can sync Google accounts across SHIELD Android TV and other devices, such as SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Portable, and resume a Google Play movie from where you paused it at home.

In addition to Android TV’s features, we’ve also included user experience enhancements such as CEC support to automatically turn on your TV and select the correct source, volume control from your SHIELD controller or SHIELD remote, the ability to move applications automatically to a micro-SD card or hard drive, captive portal support for connecting to Wi-Fi networks requiring web authentication, such as hotels, and even advanced features to synchronize audio and video for receiver setups. These and other features of SHIELD Android TV will be continually supported with updates and enhancements, just like previous SHIELD devices, direct from NVIDIA.

Being a NVIDIA SHIELD device also means that it's going to be great for playing games. And we’re not talking Snake. With Tegra X1 onboard, SHIELD Android TV has the raw performance to deliver native Android versions of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Doom 3: BFG, The Talos Principle, War Thunder, Juju and other popular PC games. Each runs natively on SHIELD itself, and can be controlled with the included precision SHIELD Controller. In total there are over 100 recommended games in SHIELD Hub on Android TV, and over 200 games in total from Google Play, with more added weekly.

For other PC titles there’s NVIDIA GRID, a “Netflix for games”. Featuring the latest and greatest blockbusters like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, GRID delivers triple-A titles directly to your SHIELD at up to 1080p, at up to 60 frames per second. GRID is free for you try until June 30th 2015.

If you already own a high-powered GeForce PC and the latest games, you can stream them to your SHIELD Android TV anywhere in the Internet-connected world using GameStream. Witcher 3 on your hotel TV? Not a problem. Grand Theft Auto V in bed? AOK. Wherever you are, you can enjoy high-quality gaming via your PC, and you can even plug in a mouse and keyboard for strategy games, MOBAs, and MMOs.

NVIDIA SHIELD lets you play what you want, when you want it. Dive into movies, TV shows, music, a world of apps and, of course, games. For complete details of everything SHIELD Android TV has to offer, check out the SHIELD website.

If you like what you see and want to level up your living room with the new NVIDIA SHIELD, it’s available now from NVIDIA and e-tailers, starting at $199.99. A version with an internal 500GB hybrid hard drive is also available for $299.99. European availability is planned for Q4, 2015.

For a limited time, when you purchase an NVIDIA SHIELD Pro you’ll receive a $30 Google Play credit, 3 months of unlimited Google Play Music ($29.97) and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel ($29.99); a ~$90 value. Purchase an NVIDIA SHIELD and you’ll receive a $30 Google Play credit and 3 months of unlimited Google Play Music ($29.97); a ~$60 value.