Now Streaming on NVIDIA SHIELD—MotoGP 14

MotoGP 14

Get your motor running and head out on the Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix—MotoGP 14 is available to play now on SHIELD. Just connect to GRID™ to play!

MotoGP’s visuals are as supercharged as the superbikes you’ll take out on the tracks, and the controls are tight and unforgiving—rewarding precision and penalising heavy hands. And that’s just what you should expect from a game that attempts to replicate the feel of screaming around bends at 200mph, where there is no margin for error.

Racing fans will enjoy the challenge of climbing up the circuit ladder in career mode, as well as the opportunity to face off against all the legendary champions from the MotoGP’s history. Or, grab an extra controller and challenge a friend to a race!

You can access MotoGP 14 via the Stream Games hub on Android TV, or by navigating to the GRID Games menu within SHIELD Hub on your portable or tablet.

The GRID Games library includes 55 PC games that you can play on SHIELD devices, and we’re adding new games every week. Join the conversation on Twitter and use the hashtag #SHIELDTuesday to tell us which PC games you’d like us to add next.

GRID is NVIDIA’s an on-demand service that streams a growing library of popular PC games to SHIELD devices. A subscription to GRID, which is free to all SHIELD owners until September, 2015, is required to play GRID games on SHIELD. Please visit our GRID gaming page to learn more.