NVIDIA SHIELD Now Available For Pre-Order

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Last year, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang decided it was high time for NVIDIA to create its own gaming platform, using the knowledge accrued from two decades of PC graphics card development. Briefing the cadre of engineers who were to work in secret in a sealed-off section of NVIDIA HQ, Jen-Hsun set a tall task, asking them to design a gaming portable using the world’s fastest mobile processor, NVIDIA Tegra 4, and to do it in time to unveil at the Consumer Electronics Show that coming January.

Following a mammoth crunch that saw the team work fourteen-hours a day, seven days a week, the team demonstrated a prototype marrying the Tegra 4 processor with a traditional controller and a smartphone-style touchscreen. Suitably impressed, Jen-Hsun gave the go-ahead, and just ten days later held the first prototype aloft at CES, announcing Project SHIELD to the world’s media.

Since that surprise announcement we’ve taken Project SHIELD to gaming conventions, trade shows, and other venues, garnering feedback from thousands of gamers, helping us refine and iterate Project SHIELD into the device that you can pre-order today. Yes, you read that right, the newly-christened NVIDIA SHIELD is now available to pre-order, direct from NVIDIA.com, Newegg, GameStop, and Canada Computer.

Shipping by the end of June at a MSRP of $349, NVIDIA SHIELD is the world’s most powerful mobile gaming device, sporting a Tegra 4 chip clocked up to 1.9GHz. Paired with the powerful Tegra 4 chip is 2GB of high-speed RAM, and 16GB of onboard flash memory for the storage of games, apps and media that will displayed on the 5-inch, 720p, HD, retinal-quality touchscreen.

NVIDIA SHIELD is an open platform Android device, operating a stock Jelly Bean OS, allowing you to configure, tweak, and root to your heart's content.

Strikingly, SHIELD breaks from the handheld norm by being modeled on popular game controllers, integrating dual analog sticks, a D-Pad, two analog triggers, two shoulder buttons, and four face buttons, enabling you to play games as comfortably as you would on a console. Case in point being Sonic 4: Episode II, which comes pre-loaded on every SHIELD along with Expendable: Rearmed. Playing identically to the console and PC versions, and looking nearly indistinguishable too, Sonic jumps and spins with fast input responsiveness, and is far easier to control than on mobile touchscreen devices.

At launch we expect over 30 SHIELD-optimized, Tegra-enhanced games to be available to play directly through the integrated TegraZone SHIELD store, and on Google Play you’ll find dozens of already-available titles with native controller support, making them perfect for on-the-go SHIELD gaming. If you already own an Android phone all your existing touchscreen games will automatically work too, thanks to the use of the latest Jelly Bean Android OS.

Being a gaming device through and through, and not a phone, we’ve also been able to bless SHIELD with the best pair of speakers ever heard on a handheld device. Making full use of the device’s depth, our engineers have integrated stereo bass reflex speakers that don’t distort even at loud volumes, making mobile games, music and movies sound better than ever before.

Providing the power for this party is a battery with a whopping 28.8 Watt-Hours of juice, neatly integrated into the underside of the device, near to the headphone port, HDMI output, and microSD slot, which allows you to dramatically increase the maximum storage size of SHIELD.

NVIDIA SHIELD is the world’s most powerful Android gaming device, but that’s not all it does... In addition to web browsing, YouTube’ing, movie watching, and music playing, SHIELD can stream games from your GeForce GTX 650 or higher desktop PC, letting you enjoy Borderlands 2 while relaxing on your couch. Launching initially in BETA form, SHIELD streaming syncs up with GeForce Experience, Steam Big Picture Mode, and your GPU’s transcoding tech to beam the PC game straight into your hands, enabling you to play with minimal input lag. In short, sit on your sofa and play PC games with a console-quality controller, on the SHIELD’s 720p screen.

NVIDIA SHIELD is the most advanced, most-powerful handheld gaming device ever made. More than that, it is the most powerful handheld media device ever made, playing music, movies, videos, TV shows, and anything else that you can think of. It handles existing Android games with ease, and puts specially-enhanced, controller-enabled SHIELD titles directly in your hands, like Sonic: Episode II, Arma Tactics, and Chuck’s Challenge 3D, a new game from the creator of the legendary Chip’s Challenge.

If you’re looking for the ultimate handheld gaming and media device, and also like the idea of playing PC games from the comfort of your sofa, NVIDIA SHIELD is the only show in town.

SHIELD is expected to ship starting at the end of June and is available to pre-order now, direct from NVIDIA.com, Newegg, GameStop, and Canada Computer.