Optimal Playable Settings for SLI

Optimal Playable Settings

Updated February 2, 2012
Romeo Lavarias

Our first batch of OPS for SLI configurations have just been posted. Starting with eleven games and seven different SLI configurations, these results should help those with 2-way SLI systems maximize framerates and graphical fidelity.

Games now with SLI OPS results

New OPS SLI configurations

  • 2-way GTX 460
  • 2-way GTX 470
  • 2-way GTX 480
  • 2-way GTX 560
  • 2-way GTX 560 Ti
  • 2-way GTX 570
  • 2-way GTX 580

OPS results for other popular games like Battlefield 3 are also in progress and should be available soon.

Furthermore, all future OPS recommendations are set to include SLI results from the off. Visit our OPS homepage for a complete listing of all our results.