Parvum Magnus: A Custom PC Build Behemoth

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Headquartered in a farm located in the town of Brentwood, UK, Parvum Systems prides itself in the craftsmanship and hard work it pours into each and every one of the custom PC builds it manufactures.

Every step of production, from the initial pencil sketches to the final CNC machine case cutting, is also handled primarily by Parvum’s two-man team—which brings a certain personal touch to its custom cases.

This work ethic and meticulousness is also exhibited in Parvum’s latest build, the Magnus. Named after the Latin word for greatness, the Magnus is a juggernaut of a case built to house the most powerful PC hardware. Despite its hulking size, its builders are adamant that the Magnus was designed so that there is no wasted space.

Parvum Magnus | Inside Case

As its creators explain, the Magnus took six full months to construct with the ultimate goal of testing the strength and durability of larger form factor cases.

Just like Parvum’s other custom crafted cases, the Magnus was created using an expensive German acrylic. The acrylic case is anti statically discharged and has a matte finish, which dramatically reduces dust buildup and prevents scratches.

The cast acrylic used is also ideal for machining, as the material is cut using a computer controlled CNC router cutting machine. Those pieces are then connected using fixing cubes with M3 bolts. A heat line-bending machine is also employed to bend and morph the material as needed.

Parvum Magnus | Inside Case Close Up

Under the hood, the current Parvum Magnus build boasts a considerable amount of horsepower as it packs an Intel i7-4770K and 3x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 graphics cards.

The full list of specs include:

  • 8x Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD on LSI 9271-8i (Raid 0)
  • 3x 2TB Western Digital Black
  • 32GB Kingston HyperX Beast 2400MHz
  • ASUS Maximus VI Extreme
  • Antec Twelve Hundred
  • Additional components including XSPC 5 x 240mm AX, 1x 360mm AX, 3x D5 pumps, XSPC RayStorm CPU, RAM & GPU blocks, 2x XSPC reservoirs, 160x XSPC fittings, 2x custom Parvum reservoirs and 16 Phobya e-loop fans

With its matte black finish and elegant yet understated exterior exposing its powerful innards, the final design really drives home the point that the Magnus was built for performance and durability and not just to look cool in your den. Though, you can certainly appreciate it for its attractive appearance, too. It embodies Parvum’s philosophy of taking their time to craft its cases and not cutting corners.

Parvum Magnus | Portrait

The Parvum Magnus will be showcased at a number of upcoming events in the UK, including the Insomnia Gaming Festival in Coventry, England. You can stay on top of where the Magnus and Parvum’s other builds will be shown off next by visiting the company's official Facebook page.