PAX East 2013: NVIDIA is Open For Gaming Panel Recap

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With PAX East 2013 already well under way, the Saturday evening’s Main Stage panel was filled with a rowdy, thunderstick-toting crowd eager to learn about NVIDIA technologies like GeForce GTX TITAN and Project SHIELD. Entitled NVIDIA is Open For Gaming, the hour long event was hosted by NVIDIA’s Tom Peterson, Technical Marketing Director, and was viewable by livestream as well.

For those fortunate enough to attend the Boston gaming show, we doled out $10k worth of prizes ranging from lanyards and Project SHIELD t-shirts to PC accessories and components. The crowd roared in approval as we unveiled the ultimate prizes- not one, but two EVGA GeForce GTX TITANs and even a GeForce GTX-branded Maingear PC, complete with all accessories and powered by GeForce GTX 680.

Watch the recorded livestream at Twitch TV. Our portion of the video starts at 06:54:15, and below are the timestamps for the key portions of our panel.

  • 6:54:23 - The Power of the PC
  • 6:55:48 - Paul Loynd, Senior Producer at Meteor Entertainment, discusses new developments for Hawken.
  • 7:00:01 - Jason Paul, Director of Product Marketing, showcases our Project SHIELD.
  • 7:02:52 - Project SHIELD Demo of Dead Trigger 2
  • 7:07:20 - Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, plays Borderlands 2 on Project SHIELD.
  • 7:13:03 - We take a Parrot AR Drone for a spin using a Project SHIELD.
  • 7:17:07 - The PC Giveaway!

See you next year at PAX East 2014.