NVIDIA GeForce is a Proud Sponsor of PDX LAN 23


PDX LAN has been holding session in Portland, OR for over 10 years and NVIDIA has been sponsoring the west coast’s largest LAN since the beginning. Gamers come from all over the continent to hook up their PCs, play some games and hang out with their peers for one weekend that will never quite be long enough.

For this most recent event we wanted to do something different. We reached out to our friends to see if they wanted to help and within days our offices were filled with the components we’d need to build our LAN PCs.

Coolermaster made sure we had their chassis, power supply and cooling, ASUS set us up with four of their best ITX motherboards and ADATA sent us SSDs and high speed RAM. We finished off the build with our power sipping GeForce GTX 750 Ti video cards.

It took us two nights staying late in the office to build all four of the gaming rigs we would bring to the LAN but it was worth it.

When we arrived at the LAN to set up our PCs, the small form factor chassis of the Coolermaster Elite 110 really stood out even as many of the best modders on the west coast showed off their personal gaming machines. You might think that our tiny LAN machines would get overlooked but that just wasn’t the case.

Gamers at the LAN were shocked that these PCs, roughly the size of a basketball, were powerful enough to run every game we threw at them while staying cool and quiet thanks to the GeForce GTX 750 Ti. The benefit of their small footprint left us with room for our monitors, keyboards and mice that we rarely see at any LAN.

Over the course of the weekend we played a lot of games, saw machines that could have come straight from our dreams and talked to PC gamers about every topic from G-SYNC to cryptocurrency. There were great prizes to be had as well, with graphics cards and accessories from EVGA, MSI and PNY going out to winners of a 4 minute Dive Kick tournament and one of the highest stakes games of rock, paper, scissors the state had ever seen. We even helped PDX LAN raise over $23,000 for charity in memory of Phil Scholz.

This PDX LAN was certainly one to remember and we’ll be headed back again later this year. With events like GTC, GDC and PAX East on the horizon, who knows what we’ll build before the next time we find ourselves in the City of Roses.