GeForce Teams Up With PDXLAN 24.5 For Charity


During the weekend of November 7-10, over 400 PC gamers headed to Portland, Oregon, for PDXLAN to not only play some cool games, but raise food for charitable causes.

With the November event always focused on charity, PDXLAN 24.5 successfully achieved its goal of over 40,000 lbs. of food for local shelters with a final tally of 42,500 lbs.

The NVIDIA GeForce team incentivized donations with tons of prizes, including SHIELD tablets, a GTX 980M-powered MSI GT72 notebook and dozens of graphics cards, including several GTX 760s, GTX 980s and even a GTX TITAN Z.

The GeForce goodies were just some of the many hardware giveaways that weekend.

NVIDIA’s Andrew Coonrad was on site to answers questions on Maxwell architecture, GeForce GTX graphics for desktops and notebooks, and NVIDIA GameWorks.

To demonstrate the power of Maxwell notebooks, we placed a GeForce GTX 980M-powered notebook alongside an GTX 780 desktop, each setup running Battlefield 4 at ultra settings on 1080p. LAN-goers were asked if they can tell the difference and cast their votes accordingly. At the end of the weekend, votes were 50/50 with many admitting it was too hard to tell and simply guessed. Attendees were truly impressed and were glad to see see that notebook graphics power has closed the gap to desktops so considerably.

Also, on display was our new LAN Box, an ITX build based on the In Win D-Frame Mini.

Thanks, PDX. It was another great event. See you again in February.