Play Telltale’s Game of Thrones on NVIDIA SHIELD

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It is an exciting week for SHIELD owners, as the trend of PC-quality titles coming to the platform continues with Telltale’s Game of Thrones Ep 1: Iron From Ice. If you haven’t heard of Game of Thrones by now, your only acceptable excuse is being stranded on a desert island. The HBO mega-hit—based on the critically acclaimed book series by author George R.R. Martin—has been heaped with praise and fandom, making it one of the most viewed television shows on the planet. The series is set in the world of Westeros and weaves an intricate web of character-driven story arcs focused on a power struggle for The Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones fans are in for a real treat with Iron From Ice, as Telltale’s brand of choose-your-own-adventure story telling melds quite well with the world and characters Martin has created. Like other Telltale games, Game of Thrones focuses on letting the player make critical decisions in the story progression that actually affect the final outcome. Whether you want to be everyone’s friend or a tyrant, there is a choice that fits your personality.

Iron From Ice kicks off on the eve of the Red Wedding, setting you directly in the chaos. Telltale does a great job of leveraging characters and voice acting from the TV show to establish continuity between the show you know and the experience they created. The game puts you in control of three all-new characters, each progressing the story from a different angle. Regardless of who you play, your decisions will define the story and shine a new light on the saga of Westeros.

Telltale’s newest adventure isn’t something you’ll want to put down. Fear not, the NVIDIA SHIELD portable and tablet have your back. Connect to your TV via HDMI and take your journey to the big screen with Console Mode and the SHIELD controller or go mobile; either way the story of Westeros lies in your hands.

Game of Thrones Ep 1: Iron From Ice is now available on the NVIDIA SHIELD portable and tablet. Get it now on SHIELD Hub and Google Play.