Portal and Half-Life 2 Launch on the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with Exclusive Tegra K1 Visual Effects


Valve’s critically acclaimed PC games, Portal and Half-Life 2, are now available on the recently launched NVIDIA SHIELD tablet. These titles feature a wide variety of high-end visual effects built to take advantage of the 192-core NVIDIA Tegra K1 mobile processor powering the next-gen SHIELD device.

Now available to download using SHIELD Hub, Portal and Half-Life 2 boast Tegra K1-exclusive effects that make them just as visually rich as the full PC editions of the games. These include render-to-texture shadows, bump mapping, specular highlights, motion blur, and higher-quality texture filtering.

Plus, both games are optimized to play great on the SHIELD tablet’s optional ultra-low-latency Wi-Fi Direct SHIELD wireless controller.

Half-Life 2 casts players as theoretical physicist-turned-action hero, Dr. Gordon Freeman, in a gripping, sci-fi-themed, first-person shooter experience in which he must rid the dystopic City 17 of a nightmarish array of enemies.

In Portal, players take on the role of Chell, a silent protagonist equipped with an experimental portal gun capable of creating inter-spatial portals. These portals are the key to solving a variety of mind-bending puzzles within the Aperture Science Laboratories.

If you own an NVIDIA SHIELD tablet, you can experience the dramatic difference that Tegra K1 makes in Half-Life 2 and Portal today. If you don't, get yours today.