Portal 2 Cooperative Trailer

December 16, 2010

By Jimmy Thang

Developer Valve has released a new trailer showcasing the cooperative characters from Portal 2.

In the video, two unique-looking unnamed robots show off their silly characteristics as they are being built. While they are robots, they feature uniquely animated personalities. From the trailer, you can see that they have over-the-top cartoon-like mannerisms. Towards the end of the trailer, the taller robot jumps down an orange-colored pit, while the shorter/rounder robot leaps down a blue-colored pit. This could indicate that the taller robot is responsible for emitting blue portals and the shorter robot is responsible for emitting orange portals.

This feature makes the first-person puzzler different than the first game considering the first Portal featured only one human character who shot both colored portals.

Portal 2 is due out April 18, 2011.

Check out the trailer below: