Portal Lands on NVIDIA SHIELD

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Few video games are as synonymous with Valve as Portal. Back in 2007, the unassuming teleportation-based first-person puzzle shooter was presented front-and-center with The Orange Box collection and quickly ran away with the spotlight.

Due in part to its amazing level design and mind-bending puzzles, Portal is a phenomenon of its own, one of the most popular titles to ever hit PC. Now, after selling millions of units, Portal arrives on a brand-new platform: NVIDIA SHIELD.

Portal's story, both simple and mysterious, remains one of its best features. Stepping into the boots of Chell—an unwilling laboratory test subject—players are tasked with escaping the dangerous, abandoned Aperture Science. Armed with no weapons and no outside help, it's a bit of a tall order.

Even worse, the entire facility is controlled by GLaDOS, the rogue A.I. of Aperture Science who has a penchant for building death-trap puzzles that wind up killing their testers. However, Chell is thankfully armed with one tool: the Portal Gun.

Although Chell has no other means to get around Aperture Science's various nooks and crannies, the Portal Gun smartly ties everything together as the crux of the entire game, letting you merger two points together into an instant tunnel.

Use the portals correctly, and you can cross almost any chasm in an instant. Of course, you'll also need to avoid bullet-spamming turrets, pitfalls, and other booby traps to survive, but with the right portal in the right place, you can outsmart GLaDOS at just about every turn. She won't be happy about it, though, and she'll taunt you every step of the way.

There's far more to Portal than meets the eye, and it's widely praised as one of the best PC games of all time. Thanks to its brilliant gameplay, memorable voice acting, and stellar soundtrack, Portal is every bit as good as it's ever been almost seven years since its first release.

On NVIDIA SHIELD, it's also the perfect pick-up for any Android gamer. Tegra 4-powered tech and SHIELD's controls make Portal great to play on the go, and it's even better when running on Console Mode through an HDTV. If you haven't played it yet, there's no better time than now to meet GlaDOS and the gang.