Prepare for Titanfall with GeForce GTX and NVIDIA SHIELD

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Titanfall is one of the most anticipated titles of 2014 thanks to its combination of first-person gunplay, high octane action, parkour movement, sci-fi weaponry, and the eponymous Titans, controllable, customizable mechs that lay waste the battlefield. Today, Titanfall finally drops on PC and consoles, and on PC you receive a superior experience with improved graphics, higher resolution textures, and smoother, faster framerates.

On NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 or 700 Series systems you’ll upgrade to the definitive experience, with game-enhancing drivers, effortless gameplay recording and streaming, and couch-based gaming courtesy NVIDIA SHIELD, GameStream, and Console Mode.

To ensure you have the best Titanfall experience NVIDIA recommends three possible upgrades that get you into the action and grant you access to NVIDIA’s innovative interconnected ecosystem:

  • Good Upgrade: GeForce GTX 750 Class GPUs equipped with 2GB of Video RAM enable you to play Titanfall with max settings, “Very High” textures, and 2xMSAA at 1920x1080. This level of detail is vastly superior to that found on next-gen consoles, and gaining access to it costs considerably less.
  • Better Upgrade: GeForce GTX 770 GPUs equipped with 4GB of Video RAM enable you to max out the game’s settings and play with the highest-quality “Insane” textures at 2560x1440, with 4x to 8x MSAA also enabled. For most gamers, this is the definitive experience.
  • Best Upgrade: For the biggest enthusiasts, 3840x2160 “4K Gaming” is the new definitive experience, and for that a GeForce GTX 780 Ti is required. At 4K everything appears sharper and more detailed, and aliasing is all but eliminated.

The best and most affordable path to Titanfall glory is the installation of a 2GB GeForce GTX 750 Ti or GeForce GTX 750, which will enable the initialization of max settings, “Very High” textures, and 2xMSAA at 1920x1080. According to GameSpot and other press, this level of detail eclipses that found on console and the frame rates are smoother too.

Starting at $119, GeForce GTX 750 Class GPUs are compatible with virtually all systems – all you need is a PCI-Express motherboard slot and a 300 Watt or higher power supply, two items found in almost all PCs, even those purchased from a supermarket shelf.

GeForce GTX 750 Class GPUs - GPU Photo

Once your system is ready for Titanfall, use GeForce Experience to automatically determine the best game settings for your GPU and CPU combo, and to grab the latest drivers and driver profiles, ensuring an optimal experience whenever you join the battlefield.

Game Ready 335.23 WHQL Titanfall drivers are already available to download, ensuring the best possible Titanfall experience from the very first second you load the game, to the end of the battle when you victoriously destroy the fleeing enemy team. These Game Ready Titanfall drivers optimize performance, maximize stability, include a 3D Vision profile for stereoscopic 3D users, and enhance your experience in many other titles, too.

Beyond game settings and driver downloads, GeForce Experience’s revolutionary ShadowPlay application enables you to enhance your experience by recording gameplay to disk, and by streaming gameplay to With ShadowPlay’s innovative DVR-like Shadow recording mode, you’ll never miss the opportunity to capture that epic moment when you crush an enemy Titan with your own Titanfall. Never again will your friends refuse to believe that that happened.

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GeForce ShadowPlay Captures Your Favorite Titanfall Moments

Beyond the desktop, you can put Titanfall in your hands with complete day of launch GameStream support, enabling remote Titanfall gameplay on the NVIDIA SHIELD, the ultimate gaming and entertainment handheld. If you prefer big-screen, couch-based gaming, combine SHIELD with an HDMI cable and a Bluetooth controller, and you can play at up to 1080p on a HDTV, instantly creating the ultimate living room experience.

To take your Titanfall action to the next level, upgrade to a revolutionary NVIDIA G-SYNC monitor, which will eliminate screen tearing and V-Sync input lag, giving you the smoothest, most responsive experience you’ve ever seen.

GeForce GTX 750 Class GPUs - Compatible with groundbreaking NVIDIA GeForce G-SYNC.
G-SYNC’s groundbreaking monitor technology revolutionizes PC gaming. Once you try G-SYNC, you’ll never want to be without its benefits ever again.

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