Put the Pedal To the Metal in F1 2010 and Dirt Showdown on #GRIDTuesday


It’s the last #GRIDTuesday before the Holidays, and as we rush around trying to get all our checklist items done “we feel a need—a need for speed!” For Maverick and Goose this meant strapping into an F-14 Tomcat and hitting the afterburners. For NVIDIA SHIELD owners this means jumping in a Formula One, street, or off-road racecar and pushing the limits of good sense in F1 2010 and Dirt Showdown.

Universally praised for its lush visuals and realistic use of physics, F1 2010 is probably as close as you’d really want to come to driving an F1 racecar. Let’s face it: few of us have the courage to actually attempt to go 180mph in a car that weighs less than a ton. So, get in a virtual F1 car and take on legendary drivers like Michael Schumacher as you navigate 19 racing circuits around the globe. Do you have what it takes to climb to the top of the F1 ladder? Time to find out!

Then, for a completely different kind of adrenaline rush, switch to the looser rules and higher mayhem possibilities served up by Dirt Showdown. A spin-off of the popular Dirt series of racing games, Showdown puts you behind the wheels of souped-up street racers and rally cars to compete in demolition derby, obstacle course, and “Hoonigan” racing modes. The latter features free-roaming, free-style events in which you earn points for pulling off daring stunts and exploration challenges. The arcade-style gameplay gets progressively more challenging as you win races and events, and you’ll unlock new cars to wreck along the way.

F1 2010 and Dirt Showdown are available to play right now in the GRID Games library, which now includes 30 games valued at more than $500 that you can play on-demand on your SHIELD device for free. Just navigate to the GRID Games menu inside the SHIELD Hub app, select the game you wish to play, and enjoy! And NVIDIA’s committed to releasing new games every week on #GRIDTuesday—so mark your calendars.

GRID is an on-demand gaming service that streams a library of popular games to SHIELD devices in high definition, with fluid frame rates and low latency. GRID is like Netflix for games, and it’s available exclusively to SHIELD owners in North America and most of Western Europe for free though June 30, 2015. Coverage will be expanded to include Germany and the Asia Pacific Region next year. Go here to learn more.