QuakeCon 2012 Recap


Quakecon 2012 has wrapped up and we’re just now coming off of our week long caffeine high (please no loud responses to this). The show was a massive success as usual with North America’s largest LAN Party’s BYOC area selling out at over 2500 players. The lines were long but the gaming goodness that came of it was very rewarding. Here’s what you missed so you can prepare yourselves for next year.

That's a lot of Bawls
Pizza + Energy Drinks + PC gaming = Awesome LAN Party

Bethesda showed off its latest blockbuster in the form of Dishonored. This sandbox action adventure game looks and plays awesome. Dishonored will appeal to those fans of Portal who have a taste for the violent side of solving puzzles and reaching objectives. The objective of each mission is great to achieve, but it’s the journey to that objective that is truly the enjoyable part.

Bethesda and id also made big announcements at the show. The much-awaited DLC pack for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dawnguard was announced and launched for the PC during Quakecon. We have not had a chance to dive in to this vampire (Nosferatu to Twilight fans) packed DLC but will be sure to as soon as the sun goes down. In addition to the Bethesda announcement, John Carmack also clarified that nearly the entire staff of id Software is devoted to Doom 4 currently.

So what did we do at Quakecon besides play games, drink Texas sweet tea, and eat some really, really good BBQ? For one we teamed up with MSI to show Skyrim in 3+1 surround on a single GeForce GTX 680. Bigger isn’t always better... wait, yes it is. In this case surround allows not only further immersion into the 2011 Game of The Year, it also limits those times when an enemy tries to flank your character as you can see them coming. Throw on “+1” monitor and you have the ability to watch Twitch TV on your top monitor while you are gaming. Running all of this is just one GTX 680. Powered by the Kepler architecture you get power efficiency, performance boost, and the ability to run surround from just one card. It doesn’t get better than this.

3+1 Surround
Playing Skyrim on a 3+1 Surround Setup

Finally, we heart PC fans so much we brought boxes of GeForce cards to give away during the PC Perspective Work Shop. During the workshop our own Matt Widener extolled the virtues of Kepler showing off the Dawn Demo on a GeForce GTX 690. Each year Ryan Shrout puts this on from PC Perspective and each year it gets bigger with more prizes to give away. This year proved no different when the largest pool of prizes to date spilled over to be given away at the NVIDIA/MSI Booth. Top prize was a GeForce GTX 690, the fastest graphics card in the world, Giddy Up!

Giveaways Galore
Stacks of cards just waiting to be given away

If you’re in the great state of Texas next August, mosey on over to the Dallas Hilton Anatole hotel for some of the best gaming this side of the Rio Grande.

See You Next Year