Rig Spotlight: Modders Inc's Corsair Modding Challenge Star Wars: Battlefront build

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At PAX Prime, Corsair unveiled the Modding Challenge sponsored by GeForce Garage. Three incredible teams. Three incredible mods. Over the next couple of days, we will be highlighting each of the mods.

We covered the Mod Dudes's Fallout build yesterday. Today, we'll take a look at Modder's Inc's Star Wars: Battlefront build. Craig Tate, Nick Blackwell and Joe Mercado gave us a deeper look into this ARC Trooper-inspired build

Online voting ends on the September 23rd, so please visit Corsair to choose your favorite and be eligible for a chance to win one of the rigs as well as other awesome prizes.

Why Star Wars: Battlefront?

Star Wars is one of the most beloved series in all of nerdo-dom and the timing is perfect with Episode 7 coming out next year as well as the new Battlefront game. We based our rig off of the ARC Troopers found in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Star Wars: Battlefront ARC Trooper Build Specs

Component Product
Chassis Corsair Air 240
Graphics Cards GeForce GTX 980 Ti
CPU Intel i5 4690k
Motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty Z97M Killer
Memory Corsair Vengence Pro (Red)
Storage Corsair Force LX 256GB
Power Corsair HX850i with Black Cables
Cooling Corsair H100i GTX

Tell us about the mod

We started with the Corsair Carbide Series Air 240 MATX case and split the work up between the three members of the Texas Chapter of Modders Inc.

Down in South Texas, we had Nick Blackwell customize the GeForce GTX 980 Ti to better fit the theme of an ARC Trooper by adding a custom backplate clad with the Republic's crest.

White and red GTX 980 Ti? Yup.

Craig Tate located near Dallas, did the same to the AIO cooler and the SP120 fans, changing them from their standard black and grey toned finish to white, light grey and Republic red.

Last but not least Joe Mercado from the Gulf did the custom cables, as well as the fabrication work and painting for the case.

We opted to make a custom set of cables using the Imperial red and white paracord from Mainframe Customs.

To clean up the interior a motherboard skirt was added, which covered up the existing motherboard perforations for a sleek clean look.

The existing vented area on the right side of the Air 240 did not really match our theme so it was removed and in its place a window leading up to a cut out of a Trooper's visor, which shows the custom wiring, as well as the PSU and SSD.

To top it off the case was repainted in a flat white with red accents around the cut out on the right panel as well as the vents wrapping around the component side of the case.

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