Rig Spotlight: Marc Molella's Back to the Mod

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October 21, 2015. The date the Delorean was set to go into the future in the 2nd movie of The Back to the Future Trilogy. It just seems appropriate that today's Rig Spotlight features the iconic car from the movie franchise. Check out this Delorean-themed mod by Marc Molella of Precision Computing.

Back to the Mod

Component Product
Chassis Cooler Master HAF 922
Graphics Cards MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G
CPU Intel i7-5820K
Motherboard MSI X99 Xpower AC
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws 4 DDR4 16GB 3000Mhz
Storage G.Skill Phoenix 120GB
Power Thermaltake DPS 850W
Lighting LED Kit from BSMods
Cooling Swiftech D5 pump
Koolance Reservoir
Primochill 1/2" PETG
Primochill Rigid Revolver fittings

Marc was inspired from one of the early scenes of the second movie as the Delorean descends into an alley and the wheels return to normal driving position.

"My idea was that if I could recreate that, it would be exceptional, and it would land the world of computer modding into the future."

"I used a computer case instead of building this from scratch, to show just how far case modding can be taken."

"I used brushed stainless steel to be accurate with the appearance..."

"... as well as recreating the flux capacitor using matching spark plug wires, and a custom LED strip that Bob Stewart of BSMods created for me."

Working doors? Of course.

"The movie has impacted so many around the world, that many times while creating it, I stopped to ensure I was on the right track, to ensure I did this iconic car justice."

For even more information on the build, please check out Precision Computing.

We'll catch up with Marc again in a few weeks to get to know him more, so please check back (in the future) to read about his modding exploits at QuakeCon and why he loves DIY.