Call of Duty: Black Ops II Rivalries - USC vs UCLA Match Roundup

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With the Cal vs. Stanford matchup already in the books, we continued our Call of Duty: Black Ops II Rivalry tour as we headed to Los Angeles for match #2.

Home team UCLA played host to rival USC in the De Neve Auditorium.

Shout casters Mike "Hastr0" Rufail and John "RevaN" Boble were on hand again to provide game commentary.

The Teams

Team UCLA: Alex, Matteo, Easton, Gibson and Andre
Strategy: Very simple- Kill more than you die

Team Cal: Yingteh, Aaron, Isaac, Graham and Nick
Strategy: Maintain spacing, cover each other’s back, prevent the flank and spam bouncing betties


The Round-by-Round Breakdown

Round 1: Hijacked

It was a good start for Team UCLA as they jumped to a quick 4-0 lead with the match staying close through its entirety. Early play showed that both teams shared a preference for the dual-wielded KAP-40's and we even got to see the effective usage of the Black Hat PDA as UCLA-Matteo has able to hack and destroy a UAV, a scorestreak that transmits the enemy's location. Neither team was able to clearly pull away with the kill count never being separated by more than 4 points, but USC got on the board first with a 75-72 win.

USC 1 - UCLA 0


Round 2: Raid

This dynamic map saw the battles focus mainly in the central courtyard with the flow of action going back and forth from the bedroom and the kitchen. USC built a 10 point lead rather quickly and for the majority of the match didn't let the difference get any closer than 8. With just a few minutes left on the clock, it started to look like a lost cause for UCLA as USC began to play the clock with a double digit lead. With the timer running down, the UCLA squad collected themselves for a final push.

The match brought about the first Rivalry usage of the Guardian, a scorestreak that emits radiation and impairs any opponent that walks in its path. UCLA-Gibson tactically positioned it on their entrance to the courtyard effectively blocking their flank and the poolside entrance. With their backs covered, UCLA's organized assault paid off as they brought it to within 3 with 30 seconds left. As the seconds ticked away, USC decided to dig in behind the kitchen and run the clock out. Knowing this, UCLA split into two squads, one pushing through the kitchen while the other engaged from the Eastern monument pathway. Everyone in the auditorium went crazy as a double kill in the final 3 seconds secures the UCLA comeback to a 65-65 tie.

Hastr0 said it best, "Best match I have ever casted."

After a quick break to regroup, we ran it back for a rematch. Again, USC jumped out early to a double digit lead. Unfortunately UCLA wasn't able to work their magic this time around as USC was able to extend the lead and win by 20 for their second victory. 75-55.

USC 2 - UCLA 0


Round 3: Slums

Slums is a rundown Panamanian neighborhood where squads tend to battle for control of the central plaza. With the potential for a constant rain of both tactial and lethal grenades, we get our first glimpse of the Trophy System in USC-Aaron's arsenal. The protection they provide allowed Graham, possibly USC's most lethal player, to take the lead as he expertly used a select-fire FAL OSW to gain a 5-streak. USC-Isaac had some success holding down the fountain with an LSAT machine gun equipped with the target finder attachment but UCLA rallied to take back the plaza and secure a 9 point lead. Somewhere in the mayhem, we saw an amazing life-saving knife swipe by UCLA-Gibson. USC was able to bring the score back to within 3 but UCLA held on as time ran out for a 68-65 win.

USC 2 - UCLA 1


Round 4: Plaza

The tourist resort known as Plaza was the setting for match #4. The initial push found everyone trading bullets and kills in the club, but action soon shifted to the storefront as teams took posts on top of the Gele and Dales building. USC eventually took the upper hand as they bombarded UCLA with scorestreak after scorestreak - including a barrage of hunter killer drones, Isaac's hellfire missile triple-kill and Ying's lightning strike to cap an 11-streak. USC-Graham went beastmode with his Scorpion EVO III going 24-11 as USC took this one decisively with a 24 point lead. 75-51.

USC 3 - UCLA 1


Round 5: Hijacked

A rematch of the very close Round 1 on Hijacked, this elimination match saw both teams taking full advantage of the FMJ attachment, shooting through the thin walls of the balcony and cabins to catch any opponent trying to take cover. Several ties and lead changes took place but USC was able to grab a 7 point lead. With a couple minutes remaining, UCLA climbs back to within 1 kill at 64-65. A clutch UAV from UCLA-Alex could have been the elimination-saving turning point, but UCLA was unable to take advantage and the failed desperation assualt brought the final score to 75-68.

USC takes the second Rivalry matchup 4-1


The Presentation of Prizes

For their valiant effort, a disappointed UCLA team was still able to earn $6000 in GeForce powered PCs for their school.

Hastr0 and RevaN present USC with their spoils of war- $12000 worth of high-end gaming PCs.

Many thanks to USC and UCLA for providing some entertaining and competitive gameplay, including what I'm already calling "the Game of the Series." Los Angeles, you've been a good host. North Carolina, you're next as NC State takes on intrastate rival UNC.

UNC vs. NC State
December 6 @ 7pm
Talley Student Center Ballroom
Cates Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27607

See you in Raleigh.

Check out this great video recapping the event by UCLA's Daily Bruin.

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