CES 2011: Gaming Accessories Get Rude

January 10, 2011

By John Gaudiosi

LAS VEGAS – There were plenty of new PC gaming peripherals at CES 2011, including a first look at the latest gear from Rude Gameware and Cyber Snipa. This company offers a complete line of devices designed by gamers to help gamers achieve better scores in their games.

The Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset is heading to store shelves in February. The headset features three individual speakers in each ear, an updated and highly durable design, and a travel case.

According to Michael Lefstein, who markets these products, “The Championship Headset features memory foam pad, which is like having a Tempur-Pedic bed in your headset. The headset also features independent channel control for all the different channels that surrounds that.”

There was also a Fierce gaming mouse, which features a laser for increased accuracy and 5000 DPI on-the-fly, completely adjustable settings. Lefstein said gamers can control the sensitivity by just tapping the middle button here on the side of the mouse. “It has full macro capability, which are our adjustable weights so you can control the feel,” added Leftein.

Complementing the mouse is the Fierce Teflon and Steel Mouse Pad, which weighs two pounds. It features solid steel Teflon coating for easy gliding, just like they use for cooking. In fact, Lefstein said he used this mouse pad to grill on over the July 4th weekend. “Imagine how slick your mouse will be and how accurate your control will be with this mouse,” added Lefstein.

PC gamers who want to get the most out of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm or Call of Duty: Black Ops can invest in the Warboard Keyboard. This keyboard is completely customizable, allowing players to swap out each of the keys. “We let you decide how you want the keyboard to work, from macro keys to video keys. Everything is included with it,” said Lefstein. Due out in February, this new iteration features illuminated keys to add another level of “cool” to the device.