SHIELD Portable Software Upgrade Adds SHIELD Wireless Controller Support, And More

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SHIELD Portable Software Upgrade - Key Image

On July 29th a new SHIELD portable software upgrade will wing its way to your device, bringing many new features and enhancements to the frequently-updated handheld gaming powerhouse. Headlining this upgrade is support for the new SHIELD wireless controller, a custom-designed, console-grade Wi-Fi Direct accessory that delivers a more responsive gaming experience than pre-existing Bluetooth addons. This faster, more responsive, more reliable wireless protocol has three additional, exciting benefits: up to four SHIELD wireless controllers can be used simultaneously in multiplayer games; bi-directional audio and VOIP chat can be delivered via a single stereo headset jack; and the reduced power requirements of Wi-Fi Direct enable up to 40 hours of gaming from a single charge.

SHIELD wireless controller exploded view

Whether you're solo gaming, multiplayer gaming, online gaming, or simply chatting, SHIELD wireless controller improves your experience with features and functions designed from the ground-up to service every innovative element of our SHIELD devices. And unlike Bluetooth it's easy to pair, too, thanks to the new SHIELD wireless controller app, which comes as part of the new SHIELD Portable Software Upgrade.

SHIELD Portable & SHIELD Wireless Controller, perfect for Half-Life 2

To enhance your experience, head on over to the SHIELD website to pre-order the SHIELD wireless controller. Controllers ship to NVIDIA web-store customers and other retailers next Tuesday, July 29th.

Upcoming SHIELD Portable Software Upgrades

With the launch of new SHIELD devices, the app known as TegraZone is now called SHIELD Hub. From this new and updated app you'll be able to access top Android games, PC GameStream games, and media apps on your device from one location. You can also browse the store for SHIELD-ready games, and keep up to date on the latest SHIELD news from the News tab.

SHIELD Portable - SHIELD Hub

Talking of media and entertainment apps, Netflix has been updated, too, and can now stream in full HD at up to 1080p in Console Mode, giving you the ultimate home entertainment experience.

SHIELD Portable - Netflix, now 1080p in Console Mode

GameStream and Android on-screen controls have received a new lick of paint in the latest SHIELD Software Upgrade, improving usability and adding helpful shortcuts to items such as Steam and the on-screen keyboard. To bring up the new and improved on-screen controls, simply long hold the Start button while playing a PC game in GameStream or an Android game.

SHIELD Portable - New on-screen controls

GameStream itself sees improvements in the SHIELD Software Upgrade with a new round of performance and security enhancements. Specifically, for SHIELD portable owners who are streaming their PC games outside of the home with Remote GameStream, there is a required router settings change for manual port forwarding. Simply add 48010 as an additional port to the current list of TCP ports that are already manually forwarded. There will be more details in the updated user guide when we publicly release the software upgrade.

Finally, if you're connected to Ethernet for 1080p, 60 FPS GameStream, an Ethernet indicator now displays in the Android notification bar in place of the Wi-Fi indicator.

SHIELD Portable - Ethernet indicator

On July 29th navigate to Settings --> About SHIELD --> System Updates, and click "Check Now" to get your hands on all that goodness. In the meantime, learn more about our new SHIELD devices in our SHIELD tablet announcement article.