New Starcraft 2 Patch adds 3D Vision Support

Blizzard has released the first major patch for Starcraft 2 adding official support for NVIDIA 3D Vision. The patch also fixes various bugs, rebalances a few key units, and brings major improvements to the Starcraft 2 Editor.

3D Vision really brings out the various layers in Starcraft 2's engine. When viewed in 3D, there's a clear separation between the control console and the rest of the game scene, giving the impression that one is commanding the battle from a vantage point. Flying units such as Battlecruisers and Mutalisks appear much closer to the camera than ground units such as Tanks and Zerglings. When viewing major battles zoomed-in, the various units pops out even more.

In addition to adding 3D support, Blizzard has rebalanced a few key units. Build time for Reapers and Zealots have been increased. The Battlecruiser, Siege Tank, and Ultralisk have been toned back.

What do you think of the patch? Does viewing the battlefield in 3D help you better micro against stacked units? Post your thoughts here!