Sublevel Zero: Stream it on NVIDIA SHIELD with GeForce NOW

Stream and play Sublevel Zero first-person shooter game

1994’s Descent took gamers on a stomach-churning thrill ride through a labyrinth of tunnels and corridors filled with enemies. This week’s GeForce NOW release, Sublevel Zero, is an unapologetic and welcome blast of nostalgia (airsick bags optional)! Members can purchase this title now for $14.99, and play it instantly on SHIELD. (Purchase (also?) includes a Steam digital download key for your PC.)

How does Sublevel Zero Compare to Descent?

Like Descent, Sublevel Zero is a first-person shooter featuring six degrees of freedom. You pilot a spacecraft through a vast underground complex to search for technology and artifacts that will help you survive against waves of invading enemies. Unlike Descent, Sublevel Zero’s levels are procedurally generated, so they’re never the same twice—and you’ll need to use your wits to outmaneuver foes that often outnumber and outgun you.

Sublevel Zero Gameplay

When you die, that’s it: there are no “do-overs” or checkpoints here to save you. Conserve your resources, discover life-saving power-ups, blast your enemies, find the core of the maze, grab the goodies, and rinse and repeat for bigger and better rewards. Die and you start over again in a game world constructed of an entirely new series of randomly generated levels. The good news is you get to keep any items you managed to unlock before you died and use them during your next game.

Get Sublevel Zero with GeForce NOW!

To play, navigate to the GeForce NOW menu within SHIELD Hub on your SHIELD Android TV, portable or tablet. You’ll find Sublevel Zero available for purchase in the Buy & Play Instantly category.

GeForce NOW is the world’s first cloud-gaming service capable of streaming PC games at up to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.

Members enjoy immediate access to a library of more than 60 popular games they can play on-demand, plus the option to purchase new games from the GeForce NOW store and stream them instantly. Membership is free for the first three months, then just $7.99 per month.

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