Street Fighter X Tekken Crossover Coming To The PC In 2012

April 13, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

In addition to unexpectedly announcing Super Street Fighter IV: Tournament Edition for PCs, Capcom dropped another bomb at their Captivate press event, revealing that the previously announced Street Fighter X Tekken will also be released on the PC in 2012.

Developed using the lauded MT Framework engine, Street Fighter X Tekken pits the cast of Capcom’s famous fighting franchise against that of Namco’s Tekken, another fighting franchise that shot to instant fame upon its release in 1995 on the PlayStation. Bouts will occur on a 2D plane, as used in Street Fighter titles, which is an alien concept for Tekken players, who are used to fighting in a 3D arena where they can dodge attacks and flank enemies, though this will be rectified in the Namco-developed, fully 3D Tekken X Street Fighter.

Being based around the Street Fighter template, many of the game’s features and modes are identical, though Capcom do promise a real-time tag battle mode, allowing players to switch between two characters at will, a first for Street Fighter IV and its many variants. Further details are slim at this time, though Capcom do hint at new, surprising online modes and an alternate Tekken-inspired control scheme to ease players of that franchise in.

With the release so far off, there’s bound to be plenty more Street Fighter X Tekken coverage in the coming months, so if you’re a fighting fan make sure to stay tuned.