Tales from the Borderlands on NVIDIA SHIELD Sets a New Bar for Storytelling in Video Games

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Set in the vast post-apocalyptic wastelands of Pandora, Tales from the Borderlands is an original story-driven adventure based on Gearbox Software’s Borderlands first-person shooter franchise. This game, however, is developed by Telltale Games, the award-winning studio behind The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us.

Unlike the shooter series it is spun from, Tales from the Borderlands is an episodic point-and-click-style adventure game that empowers the player to directly impact how events unfold by the decisions they make in the game.

It’s an engrossing experience that plays out not unlike a high-tech take on Bantam Books’ popular Choose Your Own Adventure children’s novels. And while weaving a rich storyline and fleshing out a cast of memorable characters is definitely at the heart of Tales from the Borderlands, there is plenty of action—and even some gunplay—thrown into the mix that makes the game feel true to the spirit of the action-packed Borderlands games.

Episode one of Tales from the Borderlands, Zero Sum, is set after the events that took place in Borderlands 2 and casts players in the role of two protagonists: a disgruntled Hyperion employee named Rhys and the crafty con artist Fiona. The legendary vaults of Pandora are attracting the attention of Vault Hunters from across the universe as well as the ambitions of the Hyperion corporation.

Tales From the Borderlands running on the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet

Similarly to The Walking Dead other titles in Telltale Games’ catalog, players choose how exactly they interact with the characters and situations they encounter in the story. This is achieved primarily through dialogue where the player can choose what to say or how to respond to the setting’s characters. Players also experience several of the same events from both Rhys and Fiona’s perspectives, which adds another layer to the game’s superbly crafted storyline.

Tales from the Borderlands also features rich, graphic novel-style art direction and effects that really come to life on both the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable. The game also comes with full support for the SHIELD Controller, which is highly recommended for the game’s quick time events that require fast and precise action from the player.

The first episode has received high praise from critics and gamers alike, with the mobile edition currently maintaining an exceptional 88 percent average review score on Metacritic.

Tales from the Borderlands: Zer0 Sum is now available to download on NVIDIA SHIELD devices via the SHIELD Hub and TegraZone. If you plan on playing beyond the first episode, you can save 25 percent off the total price of purchasing Episodes 2 through 5 when they become available by buying the season pass.

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