Tegra-Enriched Sci-Fi Adventure, Flyhunter Origins, Launches on SHIELD Tablet, SHIELD Portable

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Developed by Steel Wool Games, a California-based studio formed by Pixar employees in their free time, Flyhunter Origins casts players as Zak, an unlikely hero and aspiring flyhunter who works as a sanitation officer onboard a spacecraft named the Frog.

At the beginning of the game, Zak gets the chance to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a real flyhunter when a cargo of insects is suddenly released from the ship and sent crash-landing to planet Earth.

As Zak, players hunt down the escaped creatures while exploring Flyhunter Origins’ diverse and richly detailed 3D environments. Due to Zak’s diminutive stature, players must avoid a variety of earthly dangers including hungry bullfrogs, spiders and the jaws of Venus flytraps.

While Flyhunter Origins’ side-scrolling platforming-style gameplay is easy to immediately pick up and enjoy, Zak’s adventure becomes increasingly more challenging the further you progress in the game. For instance, once Zak locates an insect he’s searching for, the game shifts to a third-person perspective where he must use his jetpack to race to his target while avoiding colliding with obstacles at high speed.

Flyhunter Origins’ vibrant sci-fi visuals are specifically designed to take advantage of NVIDIA Tegra devices like the Tegra K1-powered NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and the Tegra 4-powered SHIELD Portable.

High-end Tegra-enhanced visual effects Steel Wool Games used to bring Flyhunter Origins’ fantasy world to life include dynamic shadows, depth of field and bloom-lighting HDR among other advanced graphical flourishes. Check out the trailer above for a glimpse at the game in action.

The game’s fast-paced platforming-style gameplay also features built-in controller support and plays great on both the SHIELD Portable and the SHIELD Tablet’s optional ultra-low latency Wi-Fi Direct SHIELD wireless controller.

Flyhunter Origins is available to download now via the SHIELD Hub.

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