The Crew Races Into Stores With NVIDIA GameWorks Technology

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This holiday season our Pick Your Path GeForce GTX Bundle is giving Maxwell GPU buyers a free copy of Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, or The Crew, and today those who chose The Crew can finally enter and explore the expansive world of Ubisoft's co-operative and competitive arcade racer. Ambitious in scope, The Crew features the best bits of America in a huge, seamlessly-loading game world, a co-operative story mode, versus multiplayer, clan competitions, free roaming, and a whole lot more, keeping you racing for weeks to come.

On PC, players receive the definitive experience thanks to higher rendering resolutions, higher frame rates, higher-resolution textures, improved assets, more detailed effects, and the inclusion of NVIDIA GameWorks technologies:

In addition to NVIDIA HBAO+ and TXAA, which improve Ambient Occlusion shadowing and Anti-Aliasing, respectively, The Crew supports G-SYNC for super smooth, stutter free, highly-immersive racing, and triple-screen Surround configurations.

If you're on a supported system, you can increase the quality of The Crew’s visuals through the application of NVIDIA Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR), a technique that renders the action at a higher, more detailed resolution, before intelligently shrinking it back down to the resolution of your monitor. The result: 4K-quality graphics on your HD screen. The video below explains more, and the images show how to activate this exclusive NVIDIA technology in the Control Panel.

The Crew NVIDIA Control Panel DSR #1 The Crew NVIDIA Control Panel DSR #2

For best results, let GeForce Experience automatically configure DSR and The Crew's in-game settings to ensure the best balance between image quality and performance. Simply load up our free application, scan for The Crew, and click the 'Optimize' button to make the necessary changes.

Beyond GeForce Experience and DSR, you can further improve the quality of The Crew's graphics by loading up the NVIDIA Control Panel and activating high-quality Anisotropic Filtering as shown in the images below, which will sharpen distant textures and those viewed on an angle. It takes a few seconds and will improve fidelity considerably.

The Crew NVIDIA Control Panel Anisotropic Filtering #1 The Crew NVIDIA Control Panel Anisotropic Filtering #2

Finally, make sure you upgrade to our latest GeForce Game Ready Driver to hit maximum revs on your system while playing The Crew, and to get all the latest driver profiles and application enhancements.

For The Crew wallpaper, click the thumbs below to adorn your desktop with some exclusive NVIDIA GeForce GTX imagery.

The Crew Wallpaper #1 The Crew Wallpaper #2 The Crew Wallpaper #3 The Crew Wallpaper #4 The Crew Wallpaper #5 The Crew Wallpaper #6 The Crew Wallpaper #7 The Crew Wallpaper #8 The Crew Wallpaper #9 The Crew Wallpaper #10