The Crew: Wild Run Expansion Rolls onto PC with Enhanced Visuals

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Originally released on PC and consoles last year, Ubisoft’s The Crew is an open-world racing game that allows players to speed across a sprawling recreation of the contiguous United States in a variety of highly detailed vehicles. Now Ubisoft has launched The Crew: Wild Run, a new expansion pack that brings a slew of all-new content and enhancements to the game on PC.

Even if you're not ready to shell out some extra cash to improve your experience, though, you have reason to pay attention. That's thanks to a free update Ubisoft is also providing, which makes the game even more gorgeous than it already was.

The patch offers a complete graphical upgrade to the already visually impressive racing title. There's a new rendering system that makes the game look considerably better, in the form of enhanced depth of field, improved lighting, higher resolution textures and reworked shaders, which causes the world to look more realistic overall.

Another specific improvement is dynamic weather, which will let you race through thunderstorms, rain, and lightning—just the sort of beautiful distraction that makes The Crew’s detailed world even more immersive.

As noted, those changes are available in the form of a free patch. You're good to go if you've already purchased the original retail release and/or its season pass. Wild Run, the new expansion pack, is available to purchase separately for $24.99. You'll still be able to play with your friends even if you don't make that investment, but there are events that will be off-limits to anyone who doesn't own the content. Purchasing Wild Run will give you access to more than 100 new events, driveable motorcycles, monster trucks, dragsters, and drift racers, as well as new specs for your existing vehicles.

The Crew: Wild Run is now available to download on PC via Steam. Are you ready for a wild run?