The MOD24 24-Hour PC Modding Competition

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While y’all were kicking back with GAME24, NVIDIA’s 24-hour celebration of all things good and glorious about PC gaming (you’ll find a comprehensive video playlist of the day’s events here), another event was taking place simultaneously in the heart of the NVIDIA campus: MOD24, the world’s first livestreamed 24-hour PC modding competition. Hosted by Linus and Luke of LinusTechTips and spanning the same 24-hour period as GAME24, MOD24 challenged three teams of two modders to design, build, and present a modded rig on the theme “Your Favorite Moment in PC Gaming.”

In the 15-minute highlight video below, you’ll meet Lee Harrington and Ron Lee Christianson of Team Mongoose who based their theme on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's Zombies mode, Bob Stuart and Rod Rosenberg of Team BSMods who went full retro with their classic 1998 IBM server chassis, and Richard Surroz and Travis Jank of Team Kill Ninja who selected Titanfall as their theme.

Standing in judgment were George Makris, Cases Product Manager at Corsair, Maximum PC’s Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang, as well as Former UFC Champ and avid PC gamer Jens Pulver, who would vote on each rig based on adherence to theme, creativity, and badassery.

And guess who won? Well, keep guessing, because you’ll have to watch the video to find out. Highlight of the highlights: some intense man-on-GPU public displays of affection when a crate - yes, literally a crate - of GeForce GTX 980s is opened in front of a bunch of hardcore gamers.

You can also pick up modding skills watching the pros in action in the extended remix below: a five-hour MOD24 highlight reel that takes you from team to team throughout the entire competition to show you the tools and methods they use to transform their rigs. You’re free to adopt and adapt any of these techniques for your own use, and you don’t even have to thank them because, let’s not forget, they got free GTX 980s. So get busy - you might be whipping out the Dremel in next year’s MOD24 competition!