The Force Is Strong With The Old Republic At PAX Prime & GamesCom

August 27, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

As Star Wars: The Old Republic nears release the public are rapidly being shown more and more of BioWare’s massively anticipated massively multiplayer action role-playing game. Following a number of PR activities and a large show-floor booth that had a constant queue at Germany’s GamesCom 2011 last week, The Old Republic is out in force once again at this weekend’s PAX Prime in Seattle.

NVIDIA’s community manager extraordinaire, Kris Rey, was on hand to speak to BioWare’s Cory Butler, Associate Producer of The Old Republic. In their show-floor interview, viewable in full below, Cory reveals that large-scale beta weekends will soon be held for gamers eagerly awaiting their chance to play the game, and that the limited release, which will see only a predetermined number of players getting onto the live servers on launch day, was done to ensure the stability and quality of the service.

There are other nuggets of info in the video well worth discovering for yourself, so dive on in and learn more about Star Wars: The Old Republic:

And finally, if you’re interested in the Eternity Vault, the post-game raid content that Cory makes reference to, check out this video for an in-depth look: